The Great ‘Paints in France’ Debate

Years before we knew we were moving to France, we’d heard about difficulties with buying decent paint in France.  Indeed, we sold a fair bit of Autentico Paint from our shop in the UK to people from France and Spain to take back with them.  Our customers would say that, on the continent, price was no indicator of quality and that buying British was the only way to get a fair product at a fair price.

Now in France ourselves, and post-Brexit, I continue to see confused and frustrated discussions on social media talking about paint in France and people making paint choices which disappoint them.

So, is there really no decent paint in France?

My personal observations about paint in France are that French DIY/Brico stores are full of paint!  There’s a huge choice.  However, there are also bafflingly large differences in price, unfamiliar terms and descriptions, and every conceivable level of quality and purpose. 

To compound things still further, French houses are constructed with differing building methods and materials.  The lime plaster walls that are characteristic of French houses are designed to breathe with their highly porous surfaces constantly drawing and releasing moisture.  On these surfaces, standard British vinyl and acrylic based paints can create problems with damp, mould and blown plaster because they effectively seal the walls with a film of plastic, and so, don’t allow moisture to naturally escape.

Assessing the value, quality, specification and application process of paint in your own language can be a tricky and sometimes technical business, but with language barriers too, its no wonder its a hit or (mainly) miss affair when trying to choose the right paint in France.

For me, what would make the difference is service.  If you are fluent in french, french buildings and french paint its easy to discuss your requirements in a Brico store but if you’re new to french, paint or renovating, you might struggle.

So, with all the paint knowledge I can muster I’m on a mission to provide a solution.   

Myself and my Autentico Paint colleagues in France want of be of service to you because we understand your dilemmas.  We know which questions to ask and which paint solutions are open to you.

Between us we have a wealth of know-how founded in time-served painting experience and together we’ve set up ‘For the Love of Paint France’ on Facebook where you can ask questions, see examples of what’s possible and be inspired to tackle your painting projects with confidence and excitement.

We’d love to see what you’re painting, offer our recommendations, give technical advice, see your ‘before and afters’ and put an end to all those unanswered questions about paint in France

Come and join us at ‘For the Love of Paint France’.

Michelle x

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