How to Paint your Beach Hut, Summer House, Shed or Fencing.

It’s been a spring like no other!  DIY has taken on a whole new significance during lockdown.  So, if you’re still wondering about how to tackle your tired shed or fencing or the best way to deal with a summer house or beach hut here are our simple steps for great painting results.

1. Prep

There is no better way to guarantee good results than with preparation. Before you start painting, remove any hardware, replace rotting wood, fill holes and cracks and make sure your surface is sound. New paint might hide problems but it won’t stop rotting wood from rotting nor will it glue down flaky paint.  You’ll only have to repaint sooner if you skip this step. 

If the surface is already painted and in good, sound condition, make sure it’s clean (we recommend using Omniclean) and a fine 100 grit sandpaper to scuff the surface and create a ‘key’. This key ‘opens’ up the surface and allows the new top coat to adhere. Creating a more open, porous surface improves coverage as well as adhesion.

2. To Prime or Not to Prime?

If the wood is new or completely bare always prime before painting (we recommend Autentico Primer) as this prevents tannins (resins inside the wood) from bleeding through into your freshly painted surface and causing blotchy stains.

If the paintwork is old and has bare patches, consider spot priming which means just priming the bare areas.  This will give an even surface as well as preventing stains and bleed-through.

3. The hardest part!

Choosing the colour!  With a selection of 160 colours, this will be your toughest task!  After that, it’s plain sailing.   Simply choose your finish - Versante Matt which is absolutely matt or Versante Eggshell for a soft satin sheen.  

Apply your paint in thin even coats until full coverage is achieved. As for your choice of brush, we recommend this great all rounder, 2 inch flat brush, which is both comfortable in the hand, holds the right amount of paint and levels off beautifully.

Autentico’s Versante range is incredibly easy to use, is quick drying, water based and totally odour free. It’s completely natural too so it’s safe to use around children and pets whilst also being easy on the environment.

If you’re wondering about it’s durability, Versante has has a clever moisture membrane which keeps out moisture but allows the surface to breathe. It also has a UV filter to prevent fading.

As I write, it’s a perfect day for painting here in Whitstable, many of the huts are open and the beach beckons.  I’m thinking a cool beer is the perfect accompaniment to a days painting - it’s not obligatory but highly recommended!

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