Bienvenue à France

As we approach Christmas 2020, and reflect on the strangest of years, I am aware that there is big news to share with you.

Just like so many other people this year, we’ve had to face a great deal of uncertainty. Its taken us some months so sort out but I can now say that we have made France our home and are super excited that The Painted Pearl is now open for business in the Poitou-Charente.  Its a wonderful move for us and our children to be in Voulême, 86400, a beautiful rural setting, a stroll away from the Charente river and set amongst sunflowers. 

Over the years we’ve heard lots about paint in France, and indeed many of our customers with homes in France and Spain bought paint from us to take back with them.  We know that our continental customers love our exterior paints for their shutters, windows and masonry and that our natural, breathable lime and chalk paints are the best options for the lime plaster and stone walls that are typical in french and Spanish houses.

So, now in France it will be my pleasure to make our paints, products and service available to all French and European homeowners.  Whether its to paint achair, a wall, a shed or a chateau, ancient and traditional, contemporary and sleek, we’ve got plenty to inspire you!

Wishing you Joyeux Noël from the Sud Vienne, and a Bonne Année for 2021.

Michelle, Steve, Vivi and Ella x x x

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  • Ah zut! Vous vous etes demenages!!

    Hello to you from Sandwich in Kent (moi aussi, je suis demenagee – mais aussi marriee!) I’m the Sue that painted the piano in Chestfield and kept coming in for advice – I attended one of your workshops with my friend Jane – loved it!

    I was going to pop over to get some ideas for colours for a couple of oak sideboards I’m going to revamp – but will re-think now! Not to worry, you’ve given me loads of confidence to go ahead and visualise my painting projects.

    btw – very happy with my new life. Sure you are too! Happy days. Sue xx


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